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Hands Free Portfolio Building for UAE Expats in Leeds

Welcome everyone, my name is Gary and I specialise in helping busy working professionals create wealth through UK property, whether this is providing a tailor-made, complete end to end sourcing service or simply offering bank beating returns on your money, I am here to help.

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           Welcome to            GSG Property Group

Gary has been involved in the construction industry for 20+ years' having worked for some of the most reputable project management and engineering firms globally.


Alongside his corporate career, Gary has always been extremely passionate about real estate having acquired a property portfolio back in the UK whilst residing overseas in the Middle East.


In addition to being a chartered construction manager holding a bachelors degree in construction management and masters degree in construction law, Gary has undergone professional accredited training to further enhance his knowledge and skillset around property.

In April 2022, GSG Property Group was formed to help like-minded UAE expats build their own wealth through property by offering a hands free portfolio building service back in Leeds, utilising his experience, knowledge and connections acquired over the years.


Gary works closely with UAE expats to understand what they are looking to achieve through property in order to develop and implement a strategy which will enable them to achieve their financial goals over both the short and long term. 

How We Can Help

Bespoke Hands Free Investing

We know how hard it can be for UAE expats to find and secure great investment opportunities back in the UK property market. Through our knowledge and contacts, we are able to offer a hassle free property sourcing service starting from property acquisition all the way through to tenanting. 

Market Knowledge

Having invested in property ourselves over the years we understand the key aspects to look for when identifying prime locations for buy-to-let investments in order to create a passive income but most importantly capital appreciation as this is where 80% of wealth is generated through property.

Peace of Mind

We are a fully compliant property investment and sourcing company adhering to all UK government legislation to provide our clients full confidence in our services. We are also part of a network which has sold over £80 million pounds worth of property.

Leeds, West Yorkshire

Considered one of the best places to invest for property in the whole of the UK! Leeds has invested over 4 billion into the city over the last decade with a further 7.3 billion of investment in the pipeline has directly attributed to the solid growth the city has seen over the last few years. With an ever growing population, the city has a huge demand for rental generating fantastic yields as well as above average capital growth when compared to other major cities across the country. 

If you’re thinking of investing in Leeds and would like to learn more about the city as an investment location, then Download my investment guide today which explains what I look for when securing buy-to-let properties in Leeds.

Portfolio Building Service

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  • Providing a tailor-made, complete end to end, hands free sourcing service with exclusive access to below market value deals, both on and off market, ensuring the best investment opportunities are secured for you. 

  • Understanding, developing and implementing a strategy which aligns specifically with your financial goals over both the short and long term to realise your aspirations through property.

  • Conducting thorough market research and due diligence and negotiating on your behalf; this includes property price comparables, rental demand, capital growth potential, transport links, school ratings, crime statistics, local amenities, etc., ensuring the suitability of your investment. 

  • Avoiding the risks of investing remotely by utilising our team on the ground in Leeds who have extensive experience of the city and know what makes a good investment purchase as well as the areas to avoid, saving you costly mistakes.

  • Access to our team of professionals, including solicitors, mortgage brokers, chartered surveyors, builders/trades, letting agents, insurance brokers, etc., saving you valuable time finding trusted and reliable sources offering added peace of mind.

Fixed Capital Returns

  • Offering bank beating returns on your deployed capital which is invested into an extremely reliable asset class.

  • Fixed-term investment options available to meet your individual circumstances, with interest paid annually.

  • Protecting your money from the rising rates of inflation, meaning you are actually growing your funds rather than seeing it erode away on a daily basis.

  • Complete transparency with where your money is being invested for added peace of mind.

  • Personalised one-to-one attention and tailored guidance.



Listen to what Jamie York the co-founder of Aspire Property Group has to say about me!!

"I have known Gary for about a year now and I have never met somebody so committed to systems, driving resource and making sure you are connected with the best people in the UK."

"If you are a busy working professional and want to invest in the UK but don't have the time or experience to do so, I strongly recommend you get in touch with Gary. He specialises in working with expat professionals that are looking to get a significant return on their investment."

   Jamie York | Aspire Property Group

"I have known Gary for a few years now and not only is he very knowledgeable around property and construction in general, through his connections in the market he has helped me secure great returns on my investment. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who wants to get into property or is looking to make their money work harder for them."

Faisal Almulla | HR Executive & Business Owner

Want more? Click on the Trustpilot logo to see what our other clients have to say!

"I value Gary for his pragmatic approach and how he strives to make me feel well informed every step of the way. He is very knowledgable and excellent at answering any of my questions. Gary has been brilliant in helping me resolve the right property strategy for me and I couldn't give him any higher recommendation."

Angelica Sacrepaye | Investor & Designer

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Get in Touch

If you would like to speak to me to find out more about the services I offer in Leeds and want help achieving your financial goals and targets through UK property, then click on the link below to schedule your FREE 20-Minute Discovery Call and make your dreams a reality!


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